Welcome, this is the homepage of Line Rom Lange, an artist employed by KKArt to do freelance work.

Line has worked professionally whit animation and illustration since 2000.

Line is a quick learner and always strives to broaden her horizon and develop her professional skills. In this way she has, as a trained 2D animator/hand drawer, through professional work and education developed skills in computer animation. She has a high level experience whit both Adobe Animate (former known as Flash) (2D), Maya (3D) and Adobe Illustrator. She also have some experience whit amongst others Photoshop, After effects (as an animation and film editing tool), 3D studio Max.

Line has done animation for feature films, short films and commercials. Animation for apps and computer games. Storyboards and animatic’s. 2D animation, clean-up and assisting. Interactive illustrations, illustrations for books, educational material, campaigns, children books, magazines, logos and soon a wall painting.

Line has a lot of experience doing explainer videos and illustrating books for education. She devotes much attention to making the educational material inviting, vibrant and fun. She is used to working independently from idea development, through storyboards and animatic, to finished product. Of course, with good customer contact and in compliance with all deadlines.

She is creative, motivated and a calm, social and collaborative work college ore employee. She is positive and you would never hear her say “no – that can’t be done!” there is always a way – if there is time and enough money…